Who is Elitess

Poetess Elitess is a written expressionist that works to remind,restore & rebuild the  strength, love,and consciousness of those who've lost their way. She been has been writing since age 9,published in her first  national anthology compilation,Beneath A Rainbow at age 10. Elitess published her first book in 2010,entitled Soul Searching Confessions, and her second ,Reflections of a Journey, a year later. Since earning her Bachelor's degree, and MBA,she has been making her mark in the South east with her poetry performances .This Expressionist has had  the esteemed honor of performing for Rev. Jesse Jackson, open for Canton Jones and others. Over the last seven years,Elitess has released 4 recorded projects and a  t-shirt line (The Intro,Spiritual Conversations,The truth Is, Poetic Uprising). Most recently, her writing was included in a poetic compilation publishing,Beautiful Brown Faces (Our Voices Matter) and on Moody Black's Erotic Album , Lavender. Please stay tuned for Poetess Elitess' first erotic cd, being released late 2017.